by Louise Burke, Australian Institute of Sport 
Join Louise for a personal view of conferences and other interesting happenings in the world of sport nutrition.


Carbohydrate intake targets for athletes: grams or percents?  

How to fine tune dietary energy requirements.Jul-Aug 98

Pre-event meals: high or low glycemic-index foods?   

What you eat during an endurance event overrides what you eat before it. Apr-May 98

Carbohydrate depletion: is it for you?  

Popular in the 70s, depleting before a major event just might work.Jan-Feb 98

Swimmers: body fat mystery!  

Do energy discrepancies really exist in swimming?Nov-Dec 97

Carbohydrates? It isn't that simple!  

The glycemic index and what it means for the athlete planning nutritional strategies for optimal training and racing.Sept-Oct 97

IV or not IV?

Should you queue at the medical tent for a quick intravenous fix after your next long race?May-June 97

Nutrition News from the Netherlands

An information-packed one-day sports nutrition meeting in Maastricht, plus an interesting doctoral defense. Mar-April 97

Should athletes nibble or gorge?

In her first sport nutrition column, Louise Burke reviews the recent Paris conference on Periodicity of Eating. Jan-Feb 97

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