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   Exercise Physiology: the Last 2500 Years

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Exercise Physiology: the Last 2500 Years

Will G Hopkins, College of Sport and Exercise Science, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. Email. Reviewer: Frank Katch, Santa Barbara, Califormia. Sportscience 18, i, 2014 ( Published May 2014. ©2014

During the first two years of the Sportscience site, Frank Katch contributed a series of original and insightful articles on history makers in the science of sport and exercise nutrition. Frank has now officially retired, but he still actively co-authors the popular McArdle, Katch and Katch text, Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance. On a recent visit to New Zealand he showed me the proofs of the most recent (8th) edition, including the introductory chapter on discoveries and developments in the field of exercise physiology from the time of the ancient Greeks to the 20th century. At my request he gained the publisher's permission to provide free access to the PDF. Here is the link: Introduction–A View of the Past. If the download stalls, see below. You can also access an appendix on landmark publications in exercise physiology and another on famous female scientists. The publisher has even offered a generous 20% discount for Sportscience visitors to purchase the book via this link. Enjoy!

Incredibly, owing to a bug in the Internet Explorer/Adobe combination, some downloads of some PDFs stall part-way through. Solution: right-click on the link and Save As… to a convenient location, then open.