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Volume 15 · 2011
In Brief: The Best Graphing Software; Updates.
A Brief History of Endurance Testing in Athletes.
Stephen Seiler.
    Commentaries: Frank Katch; Martin Buchheit, Will Hopkins.
Relationships Between Player Actions and Game Outcomes in American Football. Chris Cohea, Mark Payton.
. George Osorio.
Athletic Performance Research at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Teenage European College of Sport Science in Liverpool.
Will Hopkins.
Football Science VII: the International Conference in Japan, 2011. Martin Buchheit, Will Hopkins.
Novel Training and Other Strategies for Sport Performance at the 2011 ACSM Annual Meeting. Will Hopkins, Dave Martin, Marty Knight.
Impact Factors of Journals in Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine for 2011. Will Hopkins.
   Commentary. David Pyne.

Volume 14 · 2010
Effects of Hypotonic and Isotonic Sports Drinks on Endurance Performance and Physiology. Darrell Bonetti and Will Hopkins.
Impact Factors of Journals in Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine for 2010. Will Hopkins.
Reflections on the 2010 Annual Meeting of the European College of Sport Science in Antalya, Turkey. Will Hopkins.
Franco Impellizzeri.
Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming XI: the 2010 International Symposium in Midsummer Oslo. Will Hopkins and Tom Vandenbogaerde.
Chocolate Milk and Other Strategies for Athletes at the 2010 ACSM Annual Meeting. Will Hopkins.
Who Won the Olympics? Stephen Seiler.
Linear Models and Effect Magnitudes for Research, Clinical and Practical Applications. Will Hopkins.
Alan Batterham.
A Socratic Dialogue on Comparison of Measures. Will Hopkins.
Assigning Subjects to Groups in a Controlled Trial. Will Hopkins.
Alan Batterham. June 26

Volume 13 · 2009
In Brief:
Editorial: Sportscience Reformatted and Revisited. Progressive Statistics Updated
The Second International Congress of Complex Systems in Sport. James Croft, Chris Button and Matt Dicks.
The 2009 Race for Impact by Journals in Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine, and Tom Reilly's H Index. Will Hopkins.
Sport Performance at the Oslo Conference of the European College of Sport Science. Will Hopkins.
Fourier Series Approximations and Low Pass Filtering. Steve Elmer and Jim Martin.
The Improbable Central Governor of Maximal Endurance Performance. Will Hopkins.
Intervals, Thresholds, and Long Slow Distance: the Role of Intensity and Duration in Endurance Training. Stephen Seiler and Espen Tønnessen. Commentary
. Steve Ingham.

Volume 12 · 2008
In Brief: Editorial: Journal Copyright Policies. Slideshow on Statistical Guidelines.
             Update: Sample Size. Sample-Size Commentary. Other updates.
Polyphenol Supplements and Other Strategies for Athletes at the ACSM Annual Meeting. Will Hopkins.
Sports Nutrition and More at the 2008 AAESS Conference. Patria Hume and Carl Paton.
The 2008 Pre-Olympic Conference on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport. Patria Hume, Stephen Kara, Liesel Geertsema and Celeste Geertsema.
Olympian Impact Factors: Top Journals in Exercise and Sports Science and Medicine for 2008. Will Hopkins.
Research Designs: Choosing and Fine-tuning a Design for Your Study. Will Hopkins.

Volume 11 · 2007
In Brief: Editorial: Blogs and Podcasts. Tutorials on R-Stats. Update: Finding Out What's Known.
             Update: Sample Size. A Spreadsheet to Compare Means of Two Groups.
Betaine, Hyperventilation, Hyperimmune Egg Protein and Other Novelties for Performance at the 2007 ACSM Annual Meeting. Will Hopkins. Commentary. Stephen Seiler.
The Tour de Journals 2007: Impact Factors in Exercise and Sport. Will Hopkins.
What’s Behind the Numbers? Important Decisions in Judging Practical Significance. Greg Atkinson.
A Spreadsheet for Deriving a Confidence Interval, Mechanistic Inference and Clinical Inference from a P Value. Will Hopkins.
Understanding Statistics by Using Spreadsheets to Generate and Analyze Samples. Will Hopkins.

Volume 10  · 2006
In Brief: Guest Editorial: Sport Science–a Misfit. Sad Stats. Magnitude Matters.
             Preparing Graphics for Publication. New and Updated Research Slideshows.
Viagra at Altitude and Other Performance-Related Highlights of the ACSM 2006 Annual Meeting. Will Hopkins.
  Commentary. Stephen Seiler.
The Journals World Cup 2005: Impact Factors for Sport Science. Will Hopkins.
One Hundred and Fifty Years of Rowing Faster. Stephen Seiler.
Aerodynamic Drag Area of Cyclists Determined with Field-Based Measures. Jim Martin and colleagues
  Commentary. Carl Paton.
Spreadsheets for Analysis of Controlled Trials, with Adjustment for a Subject Characteristic. Will Hopkins.
  Commentary. Alan Batterham. Commentary. Amanda Cox.
A Spreadsheet for Combining Outcomes from Several Groups. Will Hopkins.
Commentary. Glen Fincher.
Estimating Sample Size for Magnitude-Based Inferences. Will Hopkins.
The Optimum Composition for Endurance Sports Drinks. Will Hopkins and Matt Wood.

Commentary. Dave Rowlands.

Volume 9  · 2005
In Brief: Editorial: Copyright Control. EPO Abuse: a Test Case. Sport Scientists' Top 10 Sites. A Spreadsheet for Fully Controlled Crossovers. Copyright-Free Images and Information.
Impact Factors of Journals in Sport and Exercise Science, 2004. Will Hopkins.
Making Meaningful Inferences About Magnitudes.
Alan Batterham and Will Hopkins.
Steve Marshall.
A Decision Tree for Controlled Trials.
Alan Batterham and Will Hopkins.
Greg Atkinson.
High-Resistance Interval Training Improves 40-km Time-Trial Performance in Competitive Cyclists
Amy Taylor-Mason.
Carl Paton.
Competitive Performance of Elite Olympic-Distance Triathletes: Reliability and Smallest Worthwhile Enhancement.
Carl Paton and Will Hopkins.
  Commentary. Brendon Downey.

Competitive Performance of Elite Track-and-Field Athletes: Variability and Smallest Worthwhile Enhancements.
Will Hopkins.
  Commentary. Esa Peltola.

Volume 8  · 2004
In Brief:
Editorial: Page Numbers for Sportscience. Clinical Significance and Decisiveness.
   Updated Endnote Journal Abbreviations. Calibrating Metabolic Carts.
Will Hopkins.
Impact Factors of Journals in Sport and Exercise Science, 2000-2003. Will Hopkins.
How to Interpret Changes in an Athletic Performance Test.
Will Hopkins.
Christopher Gore. Commentary. David Pyne.
An Introduction to Meta-analysis.
Will Hopkins.
Bias in Bland-Altman but not Regression Validity Analyses.
Will Hopkins.
Alan Batterham
Effects of High-intensity Training on Performance and Physiology of Endurance Athletes. Carl Paton and Will Hopkins.
Carl Foster.

Philo Saunders and David Pyne.

Volume 7 · 2003
In Brief: Finding Out What's Known
Will Hopkins. Writing Pre and Post Will Hopkins.
Impact-Factor Update and Put-Down
Will Hopkins. Testosterone Talent Test? Grant Tomkinson.
A Spreadsheet for Analysis of Straightforward Controlled Trials. Will Hopkins. 
Comment on A Spreadsheet for Analysis...
Alan Batterham.
Impact Factors of Journals in Sport and Exercise Science, 1999-2001. Will Hopkins.
Precooling for Performance in the Tropics. Matt Brearley, James Finn.
Comment on Precooling for Performance ...
Gord Sleivert.
Dynamical Systems Theory: a relevant framework for performance-oriented sports biomechanics research. Paul Glazier, Keith Davids, Roger Bartlett.
Comment on Dynamical Systems Theory... Simon Bennett.
Volume 6 · 2002
In Brief: Data-Analysis Tutorial, Will Hopkins.  Qualitative vs Quantitative Designs [Letter and Response], Douglas Booth, Will Hopkins.  Editorial: Continual Publication of...?, Will Hopkins
Probabilities of Clinical or Practical Significance. Will Hopkins
Comment on Probabilities of Clinical or Practical Significance. Alan Batterham
Moving Together: Newsletter #32.
Ken Daley
Dimensions of Research.Will Hopkins
Comment on Dimensions of Research. Alan Batterham
Effect of Vegetarian Diets on Performance in Strength Sports. Chris Forbes-Ewan
Little Effect of Training in the Heat on Cycling Performance at Normal Temperature. Jo Morrison, Will Hopkins, Gord Sleivert

Volume 5 · Number 3 · Sept-Dec 2001
In Brief: Clinical vs Statistical Significance · Qualitative vs Quantitative Research Designs
     · A Ban on Caffeine? · Editorial: Anti-Spamming Strategies; Successor Wanted
Journal Impact Factors in Sport and Exercise Science, 1999-2000, by Will Hopkins
Moving Together: Newsletter #31, by Ken Daley
Comprehension in the Informed-Consent Process, by Steve and Amanda Olivier
Barefoot Running, by Michael Warburton

Volume 5 · Number 2 · May-August 2001
Athletic Performance at the 2001 ACSM Meeting, by Will Hopkins
Moving Together: Newsletter #30, by Ken Daley
Genes and Training for Performance Revisited, by Joseph Baker
Genes, Training, and other Constraints on Individual Performance, by Keith Davids
Mitochondrial DNA and Maximum Oxygen Consumption, by Matt Brearley and Shi Zhou
Exercise-induced Metabolic Acidosis, by Rob Robergs

Volume 5 · Number 1 · January-April 2001
In Brief: Jane Goodall: A Model for Sport Scientists · Training Contacts and Sites · Injury Contacts and Sites
Doping Disaster for Finnish Ski Team, by Stephen Seiler
Genes and Training for Athletic Performance, by Will Hopkins
Moving Together: Newsleter #29, by Ken Daley
Effects of High-Intensity Intermittent Training on Endurance Performance, by Christian Finn
A Research Agreement for Students in Exercise and Sport Science, by Will Hopkins
Informed Consent in Sport Science, by Steve and Amanda Olivier
Nutritional Intake Predicts Performance in an Ironman Triathlon, by Brendon Downey and Will Hopkins

Volume 4 · Number 3 · September-December 2000
Moving Together: Newsleter #28
, by Ken Daley
Impact Factors of Journals in Sport and Exercise Science, by Will Hopkins

A Spreadsheet for Partitional Calorimetry, by Kerry Atkins and Martin Thompson
Positive Drug Tests from Supplements, by Louise Burke
Should Female Gymnasts Lift Weights? by William Sands and colleagues

Volume 4 · Number 2 · May-August 2000
In Brief : Tests for EPO Abuse · Has Your Patient/Client/Subject Changed? · Limits to Performance
Moving Together: Newsleter #27 by Ken Daley
Annual Conference of BASES by Richard Davison
Sport Sites for Kids by Chryssy R Adamson

Volume 4 · Number 1 · January-April 2000 

Highlights of the Third International Altitude-Training Symposium by Peter Pfitzinger.
In Brief: Editorial · Vitamin C Warning · Creatine and Kidney Damage? · Liability for Side Effects
Quantitative Research Design by Will G Hopkins
Physiology Symbols in Microsoft Word and Corel Wordperfect by J Andy Doyle
Moving Together: Newsletter #26 by Ken Daley

Volume 3 · Number 3 · July-December 1999 

A More Practical Site by Will G Hopkins
Performance Enhancement at the Fifth IOC Congress by Carl D Paton and Will G Hopkins
In Brief: Ace Gene in Doubt · Hypoxic-Muscle Update
Analysis of Expired Air with GasCalc by David J Egan
Endnote Abbreviations and Styles by Will G Hopkins
Workshop on Grant Applications and Other Scientific Documents by Will G Hopkins

Volume 3 · Number 2 · April-June 1999 

New Host, More Commitment? by Will G Hopkins
Polarized Training and Hypoxic Muscles by Will G Hopkins
Symposium on Altitude Training and Research at Flagstaff by Natalie B Harlan
Amino Acids and Athletic Performance by Andy M Stewart.
Moving Together: Newsletter #24 by Ken Daley

Volume 3 · Number 1 · January-March 1999 

Sportscience Sets the Pace... by Will Hopkins
Judging Gymnastics with Biomechanics by William Sands and Jeni McNeal
Researching Worthwhile Performance Enhancements by Will Hopkins, John Hawley, Louise Burke
A New Weights Machine... by Fred Hatfield
The Power Clean vs the Power Pull... by Rob Nicholson
Learn from Nature's Competitive Swimmers by Edwin DeMont
History Makers: Wilbur Olin Atwater (1844-1907) by Frank Katch
Moving Together: Newsletter #23 by Ken Daley
Fluid and Carbohyrate Intake During Team Games... by Louise Burke
Guidelines on Style for Scientific Writing by Will Hopkins
How to Write a Literature Review by Will Hopkins
How to Write a Research Paper by Will Hopkins
Effects of Protein and Amino-Acid Supplementation... by Richard Kreider

Volume 2 · Number 4 · October-December 1998

In Brief:
Performance Gene Discovered · Skeleton in the Freezer · One Set or More? · What's Worth Monitoring?
Making a Splash by Andy Stewart and Hideki Kagaki
Ice Jackets are Cool by David Martin et al.
History Makers: Justus von Liebig (1803-1873) by Frank Katch
History Makers: Russel Henry Chittenden (1856-1943) by Frank Katch
Moving Together: Newsletter #22 by Ken Daley
Moving Together: Newsletter #21 by Ken Daley
Sudden Death and Exercise by Tim Noakes
Cycling Uphill and Downhill by David Swain
Measurement of Training in Competitive Sports by Will Hopkins

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